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Total Tea - Gentle Detox
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Total Tea - Gentle Detox
Total Tea Herbal Body Detox Colon Cleanse Body Cleanse
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  • Total Tea is an all natural herbal body detox that can help with irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, diarrhea, and so much more.  Caffeine-Free.  Kosher Certified.  Gluten Free.
  • 25 individually foil-wrapped teabags per box
  • save shipping, buy locally (chiropractors & select spas)
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  The tea helps aid my digestion and I'm able to drink it without any sweetener. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Diane S. from Thousand Oaks. on 3/27/2015
Daily drinker
  I love both of the products, the Gentle Detox and the Herbal Energy! Both have made a difference in my life.
  Reviewed by:  Andrea Sica from Diamond Bar. on 3/24/2015
Daily drinker!
  I use the gentle detox on a daily. It taste great! And it keeps me regular! I have tried EVERYTHING out there and nothing compares to this tea! I am a lifelong customer! 😉
  Reviewed by:  Karey from Bay City, MI. on 3/5/2015
  I give gentle detox tea and the raspberry energy tea both a 5 star rating, love the products. Tastes good and works well. I have been using it for more than 2 years now.
  Reviewed by:  Dale McNabb from Michigan. on 2/26/2015
  I got the first box of Total Tea from my chiropractor. I have been drinking the tea for 4 months and have seen a hugh differnece in body aches and pains, more energy and over all good feeling. I will continue to use Total Tea
  Reviewed by:  Linda Warner from Rugby, ND. on 2/22/2015
husbandwife & momma to 7
  My husband has tried many different products to regulate his bowel movements, which were pretty much nonexistent. When we were given a box of totaltea gentle detox, he figured it couldn't hurt to try it. This product cleaned him out...yippee!!!! yahoo!!!! hurray!!!! Thank you for your development of such a wonderful product that tastes great & is fabulous for you to boot!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Heidi Thompson from Slaton, TX.. on 1/15/2015
  My number one seller is the Total Tea herbal body dextox. I have had people coming in and requesting for me to get it in. I also use it and can't wait to try the other tea's. If you are hesitant to try any of these products, don't be, they are wonderful!
  Reviewed by:  Klippers Beauty Supply Store from Clinton, CT. on 12/30/2014
State employee
  This tea is the best detox, I use it every day, it works wonderful. It tastes great too!
  Reviewed by:  Diane from Massachusetts. on 12/16/2014
Really like
  Love the flavor, works good
  Reviewed by:  Jean Saltou from Fruita, CO. on 12/5/2014
lover of total tea
  this is the BEST detox tea on the market. it tastes great and makes me fell wonderful. XOXO
  Reviewed by:  louann wery from columbia sc . on 11/14/2014
silent sufferer
  I've suffered with acid reflux for years with debilitating gas pain, and I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Total Tea has been a life saver for me. The anti-inflammatory herbs in the tea give so much relief from my symptoms. The gas pain subsides as does the intestinal cramping. I love this tea! I wish I'd found it years ago.
  Reviewed by:  Donna from Tennessee. on 10/11/2014
Total Tea - Gentle Detox
  My chiropractor recommended Gentle Detox - Total Tea to naturally resolve some of my digestive and chronic constipation problems instead of relying on laxatives and digestive aids. This tea is simply amazing and works every time. I don't know what I would do without it. If you have similar problems, give this a try and I guarantee you will be "totally" satisfied!
  Reviewed by:  KAREN MALIZIA from lower burrell, pa. on 10/9/2014
  Another wonderful tea that helps with regularity and energy. I use Agave Nectar for a little sweetness.
  Reviewed by:  Nancy from IN. on 9/30/2014
Good tea
  Love the flavor of tea I just add A little bit of honey and it tastes really good you have to take it every day to see the effects of it
  Reviewed by:  Dee from Chicago. on 9/30/2014
  i love this tea...have used it off and on for a couple of years but recently ordered again. it helps me sleep, helps me feel more bright eyed when i wake up but most of all helps with constipation issues due to thyroid problems. i will be reordering.
  Reviewed by:  Donna from lubbock. on 9/25/2014
  I stumbled across this and it's amazing! I didn't know why I felt so good and had so much energy, but realized it was from this. I'm usually skeptical about this kind of stuff. I love it and got my mom and sister hooked!
  Reviewed by:  Ashley from Texas. on 8/11/2014
  Very good and works great for for your system. The taste is great. .
  Reviewed by:  Cheryl from shimmering Creek. on 8/8/2014
good tea
  I like the taste, it has a very good taste thank you, thank you
  Reviewed by:  Annie from utah. on 6/28/2014
LOVE the Gentle Detox!
  How wonderful to finally find a product that does what it say's - gentle on the digestive system and it really is tasty! I have had a sensitive digestive system for most of my life, and am pleased beyond belief of how well this product works. Thanks Chad for sharing your passion for healthy living. Mahalo!
  Reviewed by:  Sharon from Hawaii. on 6/19/2014
Great Tea
  I love this tea - very tasty, feels like I'm doing a good thing for my body when I drink it (daily)! Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Judy Reid from Lincoln NE. on 5/13/2014
  Excellent! Makes you feel better all around. Also if you suffer from mild constipation it will be gently relieved. This does not happen immediately but if you drink it before bedtime the relief will be provided by morning, gently. Nice mild flavor even though I brew it strong. No sweetener need because it is naturally sweet. Will not keep you awake at night. Thanks Total Tea!!
  Reviewed by:  Sharon from WV. on 5/12/2014
  I have been drinking the tea for about a month now and I really enjoy the gentleness of it. I have less bloating.
  Reviewed by:  Char from Bay Area. on 4/18/2014
wonderful tea
  Love this tea! I feel less bloated and have more energy!
  Reviewed by:  Kim from Indiana. on 4/4/2014
  REally like the tea. Drink it everyday, I have more energy and I feel alot better. I am also less stressed.
  Reviewed by:  Tonna from Colorado. on 3/3/2014
Detox Tea
  I love the detox tea. Really settles my stomach and tastes great. I highly recommend you give it a try.
  Reviewed by:  May from Washington. on 2/20/2014
  The taste of the tea was wonderful. However, the tea did not help with my constipation. I even used two tea bags and I still did not go to the bath room. I take pain medication and was really hoping the tea would help me. I will continue to try it. It not anything else I did love the taste. If you have any recommendations please email me. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:  Diane from Maryland. on 2/2/2014
Best tasting out there!
  We are very satisfied with Total Tea. Beside performing as advertised, it is also the best tasting out there. Sincerely,Daryl W.
  Reviewed by:  Daryl Whitcomb from Northfield MN. on 1/30/2014
No title
  One of the better products I've tried and one of the few that does what it advertises. We have make having a cup of total tea a nightly event.
  Reviewed by:  Gerrold Lamb from Henderson NV. on 1/20/2014
  This works for me in a very gentle way. So much nicer than over the counter remedies. Tastes good to.
  Reviewed by:  teresa jacobs from kansas. on 1/8/2014
  I love it. It helps me with my acid refex.
  Reviewed by:  Dolores from Del Rio, Tx.. on 12/8/2013
Total Squeeze
Total Squeeze
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